About Emotional Sobriety

Emotional Sobriety

Emotional sobriety means to maintain your emotions in a sober way. What causes you to become drunk on emotion? You need to examine what emotional sobriety means to maintain good health and well being, maintaining relationships and finding inner, true inner peace.


Think with your mind not with your heart


Remember, having a soft heart in a cruel world is courageous and not your enemy. Continue to have a soft heart, yet never allow your soft heart to over indulge in too much emotion, so as to be swept away by someone or some ‘thing’. ¬†Soft hearts should keep their thoughts to their self, so that no one bad can see your heart and use it. Trust me, as many good, there are equally, if not more, bad persons in this life, so beware of everyone in your inner circle. Even the person you think you are closest to, may not be so good. Think with your mind not with your heart.