Never again – saying no to sex with twin flames

Why not to have sex with twin flames

If you’re truly twins and are truly a reflection one to the other with all the internal feelings and outward behaviors then you should not try your hand at true love, rather you are more than in true love you are sister and sister, brother and brother or brother and sister, something closer than love.

Why my twin flame blew out

“Never again will I love – sinc e you took my heart…..” – that’s what you will be saying if you have sex with someone very close or a twin flame –

I’m so unhappy as I write this. “Never again I will eat a cream tart! Ha!” I’m trying to laugh at the mean things he said – and yet like a brother he’s such a brat and I forgive him

I’m so glad he did this to me. I’m so glad he made me mad because I’m the type that when I have something to prove, I will.  Except for the fact that I’m an unhealthy dieter who has already lost a ton of weight, I do starve myself at times. I don’t appreciate how he made me feel while all along saying he liked fluffy women. I’m now headed into skin removal surgery after lipo because I’m obsessed now to lose this last 30 pounds and be shapely, and overly pretty vs. something fat and disgusting which is what he called me.

He said something terrible to me about my weight, I saw the real him when he did.  I’ve seen enough of him, his dark side, his inability to respect someone who does so much for him, not just me but everyone else who has helped him, he’s helpless, he’s hurtful and I agree he’s worthless like this…simply worthless.  But he’s my brother, right – I can’t leave him – I’m too loyal 🙂 xoxo

It couldn’t be a Karmic relationship because he wouldn’t confess to a relationship, to begin with, or feelings of love at least,…it was more narcissist how he didn’t care. He had to see the love in my face, and the way I truly kept the house peaceful, we had a lot of peace together, he didn’t go to the bars, drink too much or do drugs when he was there, that’s for sure…and from what I can tell he does over there.  She doesn’t care for him like I did, but that’s okay he’s not mine and said he never would be.

Wow, what a weirdo not to like me, lol. Seriously…I’m worth so much and I fell completely apart. I’m rare and beautiful and stronger than strong, so what he saw me at my weakest. I intended it that way to show him the worse so he wouldn’t have to fear anything in old age, lol…he could then be privy to the best.

He said to bring a good package, say what? Did you? How dare you now for saying that, how rude.

So it couldn’t be Karmic, what is it because we’re for sure not soul mates, I think “twin flames”


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