Sit strong

Where’s your ass? Where’s your real strength?  Ask yourself if you’re miserable?  I’m sitting strong with the strength outside of me that I can’t explain, it has to be HOLY SPIRIT!! I was miserable but I’m not now, I’m sitting strong.

If you feel weak then pray…try it. Pray, it’s okay to beg. It’s okay to beg God, he knows you believe if you do. Beg him for power. I have, and I’ve been powerful my entire life. I get better and better, instead of worse. Think I’m bad now, you should have known me then, lol.

I sit strong, I sit strong, because I know and love the real me. No one else does, and I know it. No one else truly has ever loved the real me except 3 people. Three people out of all the people I know truly love me. That’s powerful information and it keeps me from people for sure. I only share my entire crazy life with the people I hope will accept it, and accept the emotion that goes with telling the stories, yet I will never do it again, ever. Not after ‘him’, I’ll never show anyone my worse first lol….I thought it would be good to bare all to see where it fell, and it crashed and crushed my heart because he bailed. He never loved me anyway.

I sit strong.


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