“What is Love” – Poetry to sober your emotions

What is love?

As a Christian we are convinced that God IS love. IS being a verb. While most cannot answer the question, “What is love”, I challenge each of you to describe it for yourself and sober your emotions. It’s my believe that love rules us and its an important place to go, if done right.

Poetry has sobered my emotions since an early age, when I wrote poems and submitted them to a popular Christian Teen Magazine. When they sent me $3.00 with acceptance of publication of a poem I can no longer remember, I was thrilled. My own emotions have always been intense. I consider myself rare, scarce and wonderful because of it. When others run and hide, I shine. I don’t care what people think of my emotions yet I know i need to sober them. Writing has always been a tool to sober my own emotions. Try it for yourself. Hope this helps.

Description of this “What is love” poem

This is half a love poem, the riddle here will hopefully end with two halves that make a whole, the feeling that true love here on this earth, as we know it doesn’t exist on the wicked level, the level where we think we love but have missed the point entirely. The other half of the riddle here is that true love does exist in its entirety right here, right now, even in an imperfect world.

What is love?

I don’t care if I can trust you – I love you

Love isn’t trust its a feeling

Because we all…are imperfect means

No one can be trusted – its just a fact

Love isn’t therefore trust, its a feeling

and a feeling that gives life if true

I don’t care to feel safe, I’ve created a place

In my mind I need love just like you



As sappy as it sounds its true

Good morning my sweethearts I love you!

When she walked out and hugged me

I knew that she loved me

It’s good having her here

I’m not blue

She’s the perfect roommate to love

She’s obviously delivered from above

So my love has somewhere to go

I’m no longer in pain 

I have all that I gave

More than anyone – even you

You were the friend that gave me the feeling

That no other friend ever could

Now she’s filling that space

With a happier place – 

And with that my dear, “I am good!”



I can be patient and kind without being blind

I know you don’t love me, its clear

I’m so deeply concerned, your heart has been churned

So I offer a new safe place – its clear

I don’t read the love guides or guru’s though I

Surely did check them out

I’m smart like that – and i wear a big hat

Of never-give-up with good cheer.


My mind is content to sit happy within – My own glorious world I adore

Did you think with as much as I loved you

I could quickly turn back or revert

I believe in my heart, that given a new start

There will no longer be pain and or hurt

Here’s why I’m convinced – you can trust me

I’m happy and content inside

Nothing is churning, my heart is not burning

Content my dear, is life without fear

And I’ve never been one to hide

Now let’s get this straight so you won’t be confused

My love is no longer the same

I’m not weak nor needy, I’m no longer greedy

And sex, is a serious game

My lifelong desire I see- a man of God he must be

For me to be in love at this time,

I must flee

I’m fine until then, I’ll live life with a grin

In the meantime my life it will shine.

When a man proves his love he’ll protect me

Not only my home but my heart

I will know when its true, until then its not you

Please, can’t we have a fresh start?


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