Sober your emotions with laughter

Finding just one reason – finding a reason to laugh

Sober your emotions with laughter. For this reason, I mainly like comedy and watch a rare bizarre killer show with a lot of blood. A lot of blood doesn’t make me laugh and sure doesn’t sober my emotions. If a good and bloody flick turns you on and makes you laugh, by all means, go for it. As for me, nothing sad makes me laugh, rather it makes me cry.

Being young at heart – makes me smile

Being young at heart and thinking like a child is a way to sober your emotions with laughter. Look at the cute baby featured here? The two little tooth’s are adorable, and the child certainly has a cuteness like no other.

A person who loves children and plays their silly games can sober their emotions better than others. Laughing with little ones, not only teaches the little ones to laugh and love, and have sober emotions, it also reaches a grown persons heart when the child gives them a hug or grows to be an awesome adult.

Pets can also make you laugh. A lot of things in life are fun and happy, but a pet, when flouncing around chasing his or her tail, is just as cute as it can be, right? If pets aren’t your cup of tea, at least look at funny pet movie video’s. There’s a reason why we share a planet with animals pets, right?

Connect with someone who you feel you’ve known forever and laugh a little

Loving and laughter, each on their own are very powerful. Combining them is even more powerful and can heal the broken hearted. I think of anyone suffering, who I’ve brought laughter to. It makes my heart sing to laugh.





It’s not a cliche, it’s real.




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