Don’t sweat the small shit

I get sick of people sometimes. My emotions, like anyone else are valuable, so I don’t sweat the small shit. I’ve always said that about me, yet somewhere a long the way, I started to be stressed over everything. I try to save my emotion these days, for the big shit! Sorry for cussing, I’m sure there was a better word choice!

I keep in mind, the people I disrespect most are oblivious to what being kind really means. I said it before, it merits being said again, kindness and goodness are virtues. A true Christian values their self, and builds on their virtue and character.

But it’s hard not to stress or to worry. Like a mama bear, our instinct is feminine if we’re sweating the small stuff. Men don’t stress the small stuff, is is any wonder why conflict in relationships between men and women exist?

I’m resolved to a life with friendships, that don’t involve romance. That’s big! That’s a huge statement, I don’t know if I will fulfill. The statement is riddled with mystery, as I continue to live on one fact. This isn’t sweating the small stuff, this is big.

You can trust no one – this isn’t small shit, it’s big shit

We’re imperfect, right? So then the fact that you can trust no one is indeed almost 100% correct? I guess, trusting someone is a real issue with me. I write about it a lot, always boldly stating, I can trust no one. It’s debilitating to say the least. Yet, trust is a word,used a lot in the bible. As a Christian I am compelled, before I love again, to figure out where my trust lies.

Our trust should lay in God. The bible is riddled with scripture on worry. The bible is laced with messages on relinquishing all anxiety and putting your trust in God, where it should be.

So, don’t sweat the small stuff. I can love, but not hold, I can dream, it foretold, anxiety and worry is not from God. If we are therefore worrying, we are sinning against God and that my dears I dislike.

Being a good Christian, means to me, becoming a better, more relaxed and focused, happy girl. Christians were never sad, they were happy. They didn’t stress the small stuff. Notice how I found a better word choice?


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