I love too much

I love too much is not something most would claim

Most are balanced in their love, or love less than more.  As for me, I have loved beyond what is true love. Loving too much is not love, it borders on being selfish. In my quest to sober emotions, I am learning to balance the way I love.

The reason I think I love too much, it was a protection for me as a child. I, like many, had a very strange and hard, very painful young childhood I kept secret for most of my life. I wanted to be the opposite of everything bad, and in the process over-did it.

I’ll be fine because I do love, but saying I love too much will never be a problem again.

Loving too much is a form of control

I suppose in my own life, having control saved me often, but in this case has cost me dearly.

Just like alcohol. Some say abstinence is essential, I say not so much so. If the Christians were allowed to drink in moderation then drinking in moderation is something we should learn. Once we learn to be moderate, we’re happier. Over-doing anything is never good. Stay loving, but never over do it.  Not only does it look weak, we open ourselves up to vultures who will mistreat our good intentions.

Love yourself, live love, be well and always do the right thing. Sober your emotions.


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