Being kind is a great medicine

Being kind is required in life, if we want a return on our behavior. Be smart, be kind always. If its one of the nine virtues then it is a serious matter to consider what being kind really means.

Is it kind to be hurt by someone, and allow it? Of course not. That wouldn’t be kind to yourself, or that person. Sometimes there are reasons to walk away from what was, at that time, a bad situation; however, and yes there’s a however….we have to be kind about walking away.

Too often people are unkind in their quarrels. Being kind is a great medicine. Staying silent, at first, also calms the situation. Your replies, or lack thereof to others show your truest character.

What if someone is unkind?  Does that make them a bad person? Ask yourself, “Is this person always unkind? Is this person going through a hard time in life? Have I done something genuinely to incite the person to be hurt, therefore be unkind?” Being unkind is often the outcome of feeling hurt about something.

Stay kind, it’s a virtue and it will be repaid. We surely will be blessed.


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