Mending relationships

This article refers to any type of relationships i.e., friends, family and co-worker’s, any type of one on one relationships, is what I am referring to.


“I don’t know about anyone else, but mending relationships isn’t easy if one or the other doesn’t want to repair what’s broken.  It’s as simple as that. If the other side isn’t responding, then give it up. Don’t give it up saying things like, ‘He/she wasn’t worth it anyway’, ‘I don’t like or love this person anymore’, and there is a difference between like and love.

Don’t say or feel anything negative. Letting someone go in peace is the best thing we can do for our own psyche.  We weren’t created not to forgive, and we weren’t created not to be forgiven. The forgiver needs to forgive if the person is trying at mending the relationship, and the person who perpetrated, often both parties, need to seek real forgiveness from each other. Again, it’s as simple as that. If one or the other party doesn’t want to mend, then both parties will carry a scar for the rest of their earthly lives. Whether they believe it or not, this is the way the human mind thinks, and true forgiveness is for real, required for a healthy mental attitude, which control much of our behavior”

Common sense approach to mending relationships

  1. Both parties have to be ‘willing’ participants
  2. Neither party should say anything offensive
  3. Both parties need to listen to what the other person says, if and only if you have determined together, not to mention the past at all, and to start with a clean slate

To start with a truly clean slate, all past has to be forced into the back pocket. It’s always there to make reference to, but never take it out. Judge each party based on current and future behavior and then gauge their true intentions moving forward

Chances are, if the relationship was based on anything real or solid, the relationship will eventually mend itself.  Just remember, if you’re giving or get a second or 100th chance make sure everyone makes progress each time. Friends are inherently supposed to help each other become better people, not left scarred, broken or damaged. These are the type of friends to beware of.

Make sure of your own intentions and if you really care for the person enough to mend a relationship. Being on both ends before, I understand that some friends are not forever. I also have friends that I’ve known a lifetime, who have never left me broken.  You must also remember, that its the pain we cause others that truly tears us down inside, and whether you know it or not, we carry that guilt and shame with us, if we don’t concern ourselves with mending relationships. Always put the past behind you by doing everything you can to set the other person free, or better yet, mend your ways, because having a friend you can count on is a very special thing.



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