How to quiet your mind

A quiet mind is a safe place

How to quite your mind isn’t easy for some, yet there are sure-fire ways to calm or quiet your mind without addictions.

My theory is we can be addicted to emotions. If that’s the case you need to learn how to sober your emotions. Depending on the individual situation each of you have, it will require realizing that a quiet mind is comforting, not unsettled. A quiet mind is what we all want, a calm unlike none other.

Shut down and learn how to quiet your mind asap

The first step is to shut down super-charged emotions. Today, for instance. It was a grueling day of endings, and new beginnings. My mind was racing from the pain of an ending friendship. In times like these its hard to be excited about new beginnings, no matter how good life appears to be going.

You can quiet your mind by giving in. Just give up. Give up the over emotion. If your emotion is causing you to hurt, learn how to quiet it, do whatever it takes within moral and legal methods, to be well.

  1. Do something unexpected and kind for someone. Being kind to others raises our value.
  2. Go walking in a puppy or dog park. Take pics of the animals playing. Animals can be very comforting.
  3. Get close to nature, think outside your own emotions and smell the roses, life is beautiful, its all in the way you perceive it.
  4. Read a quiet book or watch an under emotional, light-hearted comedy.

Struggles cause struggle

If you’re facing a struggle, is it okay to give in and give up? It was for me. I quiet my mind now, by giving in. I know I didn’t do anything intentional. I knew my blame. I knew I didn’t want to hate or dislike this person and I knew my real strength was coming by learning to quiet my mind. Settle for what is and what is not. Learn to move forward. Grip your emotions as if they were your enemy, and a quiet mind an angel.




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