Why doing it for yourself or anyone else does not work

You have to love yourself, or someone, to want to give them the gift of sober emotions. Typically, those with drunken emotions have not always acted in the way they really wanted. They’ve let their inner imperfection take the better of them, without realizing its our inner imperfection that is destroying us. Working on our perfection will balance the bad.

If you are drunk on emotion and or addicted to emotion, chances are you don’t love yourself fully and we usually don’t do things for people we like.  Doing it for yourself or anyone else usually does not work and even if it does its a temporary bandage.

I have a possible answer.

Why not do it because it’s the right thing to do?

Why not do it to begin to love yourself and balance your emotions so that your life can finally be balanced and wonderful?

Past guilt and imperfection

How do some old people do it? They’ve been perfect their entire life. Well, maybe not, but they damn straight have the best control over their emotions. We should learn from these type of people. Because I realized that older people, are the shit, I have always gravitated to the ones who are most in control of their emotions.

I’m studying older, in control people these days and anyone who is in control of their emotions.



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