Free sober emotions group – steps to success

Our free sober emotions group outline is as follows – steps to success

We start with the premise that

a) As imperfect human beings we are fully controlled by our emotions – Yes we should look to a higher power, but AA and other groups hinge on the fact that we can’t do it by ourselves and that’s not true. We’ll explain our premise in detail on a page of its own – stay tuned.

b) However, with the premise above, we still believe that support is critical and that a higher power or good and evil do in fact exist. In order to moderate our emotions we need to look to the one who created them, and how to use our emotions to benefit others

c) Strong encouragement is given to pick yourself up and be tenacious. A lot of discussions will be posed on the best use of your mad skills, and tenacious or determined should be the main skill. Tenacious in your recovery. Just the fact that you’re reading this page and need free emotions group support, should tell you that you are controlling your emotions by seeking help with them. You’re either starting to use your power of tenacity or already are tenacious and either know it or don’t, 🙂 (smiles)

The premise that we are imperfect beings we are fully controlled by our emotions is a power-statement that should make you think deep.  Emotional recovery is real. Emotions should be in the category of drugs, alcohol, sex or other addiction types. You can literally be addicted to emotions.

hen we should take our emotion and put it to the good use that the creator intended it to be for.

Pick and choose what groups you can relate to and all other resources, be as tenacious in your recovery as you are in your emotions, at the same time learning to moderate your emotions to what I now term, a “Wonderful level”



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