Unique, some not-so-unique stress relievers for drunken emotions

Drunken emotions are as dangerous as the alcohol or addiction itself. You just cannot get drunk on emotion. Learning how to control your emotion is a great tool on your journey to great health.

Part of recovering from drunken emotions requires you find healthy ways to relax.

  1. Please!? If you’re a hermit get out. Just don’t get out if you’re not in control of your emotions. I think part of the reason I became a hermit was fear of getting out. I’m easy to make new friends, and sometimes been known to like a drug user a time or two. People are people and I find it hard to just say no. It’s always best I remove myself from all temptation. However, you do need to get out and smell the fresh air, get close to nature, get out and about. Sunshine is known to help reduce depression and we live in the Sunshine state. Do you get out enough?
  2. Relax the second you get upset. Breath in and out if you have to. Refuse to get upset. Sort through the feelings first, look at the other side always and always do the right thing. This is it in a nutshell.

I’m sure there is a huge list of relaxation techniques other than sex, so go for it, list them all and help others to be sober in their emotion.


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