Stop over-thinking by understanding your emotion

It never hit me but it did this time. When alcohol literally almost took my life, and the absolute loss of, what I thought, was an absolute friend it really got me.  I searched long and hard to understand the why’s of my drinking, the when, who’s, what’s and where’s too.


Stop over-thinking it’s just not good.  I realize some of you, like me, do a lot for your work that requires multi-tasking but your tasked enough at work, when you’re home don’t task your mind. If you work for yourself, get and stick to a regular schedule so you can learn to ‘shut it down’ when you are not at work.

I guess I can say I’m glad things happen as they do, though I do still worry about my health and the loss of, what I thought, was a good friend. I don’t hate him, I free him and myself in the process.

How to understand your emotions

The reason I started this site, wasn’t only to journal my feelings throughout my self-discovery, but because I understood quickly this time that emotions were to blame. Of course, I’m to blame at the end of the day, if I let emotions get the best of me.

I designed the six-hour rule, to help me put a check on my mood, and this morning, when the struggle was ‘real’, it worked. I was able to stop my emotion and not get ‘super-charged’, another term I derived from ‘how it feels’ to be over-emotional.

Hope this helps, more to come. In the meantime, “Always do the right thing”….and don’t get sad. Your emotions love you. Part of being an emotional person means you have a sensitive spirit. A lot of persons with sensitive spirits tend to be ‘fighters’ but not by nature. They hate to fight by nature, but because their lack of emotional control, they hold things in until it builds and bursts. Don’t do that, lol.




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