Sobering emotions from unrequited love

Sobering emotions from unrequited love, there have been movies made and volumes of written information on this sobering subject. Also important to consider the pain of the individual who does not reciprocate the love.

  1. A pain like the loss of a loved one in death – same physical pain
  2. Feeling of impending sorrow
  3. Can bring on irrational thinking
  4. Can bring on anger or rage
  5. Can bring on desperation

You will for sure ‘act out’ on your emotions if you do not control them. The acting on emotion is the thing we most certainly, do not want to do!

So, in order to sober your emotions from the pain of un-returned love, you have to evaluate 1 through 5 above and make sure you overcome the emotion and before you act on them.

A pain like the loss of a loved one in death – same physical pain

Truly the pain of a lost or unrequited love is like the death of a loved one. Its the same. Its the end and very final.

Unlike the sheer joy of excitement of a beginning or budding romance, the ending is often a catastrophe. Its important to know the person, long before getting into an official relationship. Evaluating how they handle stress is a big deal, so if your emotions are out of check it will be hard for you to find lasting love. Over-emotion is not attractive.

It’s funny, because this is what my last unrequited love told me. I see now, why we have to know how the person reacts to not getting what they want always. It’s important to know a lot more than this, so taking your time is wise, because the physical pain, high blood pressure, rapid breathing and sheer stress, it can kill you.

In order to sober this emotion you must deal with the loss by accepting your life has changed now. Completely! Pack your good memories in a box and toss the bad ones out. Take the box out every now and then to enjoy the memories.

More to come

  1. Feeling of impending sorrow

Additional reading

Six ways to get past the pain of unrequited love – excerpt from Phsychology Today

“It sounds romantic: To love someone with all of your heart and soul, whether or not they love you back. But the reality is very different. The pain of loving someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you can be almost unbearable. It certainly doesn’t feel romantic. It just feels devastating.

How do you deal with it?

1. There’s no way to get around it: Rejection hurts. Your heart has been broken, and there’s a real physical sensation of pain. I talk about this in my post on dealing with break-ups, but it’s worth repeating here. Even if you know that your heart can’t really break, you’re feeling like it’s doing exactly that. There’s a physical pain in your chest, and the rest of your body feels bruised and aching as well.”

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