How long should friends stay separated

“You’ve got a friend”

Depends on if you’re real friends. How close are you? When you did hang, did you hang everyday or every now and then? The closest of friends can contact daily or rarely if ever but it mainly depends on the type of friendship you have.

This is what I say, “I personally don’t feel comfortable  fighting with a friend for a long time. I like to move past the issues quickly. A long long separation can eat away at me. I begin to feel like the friend isn’t really a friend. Then, we come back together in years to come its like we never knew each other. We are truly no longer friends.”

That’s a harsh reality that many of us face. An ex-friend is more the word to use. An ex-friend who is absent goes missed and is no longer an active friend. How long should friends stay separated? I wouldn’t stay completely separated for very long.

It’s hard to resolve conflicts of the past without first fixing yourself and coming back to the friendship with a clean slate. And, separations can be a good thing if both parties are still there to encourage each other. It all depends on if the friendship was real, if it has truly moved passed the past.

If you’re going through any type of breakup, if there was true friendship or love, it will repair itself. Give yourself and the other person the space they need to figure things out on their own.  It’s okay to encourage them to speak, but if they’re not ready then give them space. If its been too long, and you fear the friendship is truly over, then move along. You’ll find new friends, or better yet…be your own best friend.

Hope this helps.




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