Do wonderful things

I like ‘deep’. I like that my emotions are different from a lot of others. My good emotions are perceived by some to be a mix of hippy-like being conservative at times. In my element, I feel balanced with the power to sober my emotions. I can be happy and fun loving, open-minded and free at the same time be conservative, smart and protective of self and others. I think its a great mix and I have always loved myself.

Until lately!

Last year wasn’t a complete wash of my self-esteem. I did do something wonderful. I lost a lot of weight.By doing good things, your past will begin to truly dissipate. Not until you’ve truly changed will your past ever fade away. By adding far more wonderful things in your life, you begin to chip away at the bad.

Doing wonderful things? Maybe the title throws you. I chose the word ‘wonderful’ because its a word we don’t use a lot. Do great things, do good things, always do the right thing, would be better said, “Do great and wonderful things.”, it puts more emphasis on the wonderful acts that you will be doing.

Part of what I am teaching myself and others is that quilt destroys our value. Not only in the eyes of others are we a failure at something, we can also lessen our own self-respect. We can get over quilt by slowly reversing ourselves, much like losing weight, a little at a time. Move slow, but do wonderful things that you know are wonderful and will make you feel good.

Condition yourself this way and you’ll quickly be addicted to always doing the right thing. Adding more good behavior to your list, will outweigh the bad, and eventually guilt will go away and a better quality of life is ahead. You truly do forget the past, forgive yourself and have the truest ability to love then and only then. Until you love yourself, you simply cannot love another. Not with the true love anyway!



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