Being a person of value

Being a person of value means improving your outside and inside

What is, being a person of value? What does it really mean? Aren’t we all valuable?

Being a person of value is often associated with our weight or general appearance

Over eating, especially to the point of obesity, is an emotional addiction, can be damaging to your physicality and your mental health. There are healthy ways to lose weight, but often the overweight person has already lost value, and sometimes hope.

If you can sober emotions, you can exert better control over eating

Being a person of value in the eyes of self and others is such a grand way of being. I encourage each of you to do the best you can to improve yourself, each and every day. No one is perfect, so why stop? If you think you’re okay, assess something different and continue ‘working on your perfection’.

Dieting is only for the strong

Beating any addiction if you’re tenacious and strong. Strong people realize they didn’t get their strength overnight. It was a journey of working a little at a time to build their ‘strong-muscles’.  Dieting is a regime that is hard. If you are a tenacious personality, you can usually put that effort to work for you in all the good ways.

Another reason to diet, or improve your appearance is because its character building. Talk about strength. Losing weight like this is rare, on your own and don’t you want to be rare and beautiful?

Not that being curvy is not attractive, because it can be. People connect, not because of physical beauty, but for emotional maturity. The ability to connect, and show real love.

Still, dieting is a real measure of your character, and how strong you really are, or can be. By dieting, losing weight and doing everything you can to improve, also proves to others and yourself, you can be trusted with changing the inside.

I hope this helps.



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