Asking yourself, “Who are you really?”

What I mean about “who are you really?” is who are you really?!

Are you a mix of friend, family, clergy opinion, television trends or other? Or, are you able to be who you are, and not what everyone expects or wants?

Of course its always good if the real you has healthy thinking and lifestyle habits. I told someone recently, I was ‘finding myself”. He asked me to hurry and I said no. I’m too recently torn, and finding myself hasn’t been easy.

Why hasn’t it been easy? It’s because I allowed myself, not for a few years, but my entire life, to be defined by what others expected.

By sobering my emotions I have learned, I was always one to ask people’s opinion. I no longer do this any more. I’m now free to be the real me. Are you asking yourself, “Who are you really?” If so, you are in for a wonderful adventure of self-love and discovery.

But what if I don’t love myself? Read more of my posts. I talk about self-love a lot and how loving yourself is a simple process, yes simple.

Why you should find yourself before committing to a relationship?

You can’t hit the bottle or get a new guy or gal thinking things will be different. You must first work on self.




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