Are you a winner who is losing a battle?

It’s easy to do. We’re typically strong people, but for some reason you fight a battle, whether its surviving the loss of a loved one, an illness or addiction that you just can’t beat.

That’s the problem.  Even for the strongest sure we are strong, but we don’t always “got this”, as they say. That’s giving us all the power, and we need to reach outside of our own strength, be it Celebrate Recovery, AA, Survival groups, Religious or other spiritual groups are all tools we need to succeed that we don’t already have, or we would have already succeeded, right?

Are you a winner who is losing a battle?

Think about it?  Humble yourself. We do need help outside of ourselves, at times like these. There’s no shame in getting help. If you’re like me, you think you can handle anything, and you ‘got this”, but you really don’t need to feel ashamed of groups or other self help methods that offer total support.

Or, if you are like me, you don’t particularly like groups. You’re smart, and you don’t think you need help, you can solve your issues on your own, without a group. Or, you don’t have a ride, or otherwise ashamed to ask for one. Remember, we do need support, and plenty of it.

I saw a commercial today, for TD Jakes and it was a mother saying, “Don’t you dare give up”, “You have to win this battle!”, the mother was begging her child to get help. You have friends you worry about you. Are you truly worried about self? If you are, you have the winning ingredients, tap in to all the help you can get.


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