A different kind of AA group

Not that AA isn’t wonderful. In fact, starting my own group makes me want to go to every group I can get to.  However, some of you have no way out, or are isolated to the point you feel embarrassed, or for whatever reason, this type of group will target a lot more people, those who don’t fit into AA or other traditional addiction groups.

It’s totally anonymous. Please feel free to write me with you questions or need for help. This is my life’s journey now, to be involved in this group, to help myself and others. In the days and weeks to come, this is my therapy and hopefully your own. I realize that my situation won’t fit everyone’s, but your story might be just what someone needs. Please feel free to comment with your testimonial, or current struggle.

If you’re like me, you’re a bit of a hermit and you only have select, special people or friends you let in your life. You don’t like crowds (well, I don’t mind crowds, but you might not like them) and you might not have a way out, cannot drive or other. This group will be perfect for you. Won’t you join us on our journey? We would love to hear your story.

What’s so different about this group? Its an emotions based group, meaning we learn to sober our emotions. Emotions, or over-emotional, sensitive people run a huge risk of addictions. The fact is, what often looks like the worse type of person, is truly only acting out on emotion. If you can learn to pinpoint what’s causing the over emotion then you’re on your way to recover.

I want to warn you that often times, we need real medication, from a real doctor to help us with our emotion. For the most part, people can and do control their emotions on their own, yet I encourage each of you to get true professional assistance if your emotions are destructive.

Over emotional people are some of the coolest people in the universe. They love deep, they bond hard, and they’re always there for friends. The problem with this type of personality is they run the risk of being hurt or used, because of their kindness.

Thicken your skin. Learn that by controlling your emotions your life will be much brighter and your days will go well. Take it or leave it attitudes win every time. Unless you enjoy not feeling well or being destructive, if your really value yourself and want help then you can and will get better if you follow along.

Read other stories, tell us your own, or simply reply to what’s already been written. Use it as a therapy to get well, to meet other people with the same emotional issues you have.

The old saying you help yourself by helping others, for me couldn’t be more true. I hope this helps.


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